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Speaker: Scott Bellware

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Scott Bellware is a software product designer, developer, manager, and agile coach living in Austin, Texas. Scott works with teams who are adopting agile development to improve existing agile development practices, and to help integrate agile development teams into their surrounding organizations. He teaches agile development practices and software production methodologies in workshops in the US, Canada and Europe. Scott is the founder of the AgileATX community of practice.

The Kanban Game

tuesday - afternoon

What is Kanban? How can I use it? These and a slew of other questions are answered in this hands-on workshop.

more info will soon be posted

Kanban Chalk Talk

friday 14:15 - 15:05

This interactive whiteboard session introduces kanban and contrasts it with the common agile project management practices. Kanban and lean principles will be discussed, and common problems in agile development will be explored from the perspective of lean development.

Test-Driven Web UI Development

thursday 11:20 - 12:10

This session demonstrates the use of application models in test development. Starting from a typical test script generated by the Selenium IDE test recorder, test code will be evolved through a series of steps from an old-fashioned unit test into a readable and executable description of an application using domain models, RSpec, Ruby, and Selenium RC.

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