3-7 November - Malmö Sweden

4-7 November 2014 Malmö Sweden

Bridging the Gap of the Module Wars - a session at Øredev 2014


14.20 - 15.00

Bridging the Gap of the Module Wars

Level: Advanced

RequireJS is for “client side” developers and browserify is for “node developers.” Bower is for “client side” developers and npm is for “node developers.” Or so the popular tweets and blog posts would make you think. I’d like to tear down these walls with you and show you how the two sides aren’t that different after all.

Practically, I’ll show you not only how to use bower dependencies in your browserify project, and npm dependencies in your RequireJS project, but I’ll be introducing you to new tools that gloss over even more of the differences. We can stand on the shoulders of both giants to build awesome software for the browser.

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