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Session: Maven

Friday, 11:20 - 12:10
Track: Java

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Maven 3.0 will be the version Maven for the people. The Maven team has gone to the ends of the earth to ensure backward compatibility, improve usability, increase performance, allow safe embedding, and pave the way for implement many highly demanded features.
Some of the process changes include setting up a multi-platform Hudson grid, building out a framework of over 440 integration tests, creating integration tests for all core Maven plugins.


This talk will briefly cover the process and tooling changes that have occured in the Maven project in order to accomplish what we have done with Maven 3.0



Additional Info

Jason van Zyl

Jason is the founder and CTO of Sonatype, the Maven company, and founder of the Apache Maven project, the Plexus IoC framework, and the Apache Velocity project. Jason currently serves on the Apache Maven Project Management Committee. He has been involved with the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) for seven years, helped to found Codehaus, a well-respected incubation facility for open source community projects, and is a frequent speaker at many major software conferences.


telephone: +46-(0)40-602 3134 | fax: +46 (0)40 - 127276 | email: info@oredev.org



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