Who will you meet at Øredev in 2018?

Well, about 1200 participants a day are joining the conference and they are working with Web, Data Science, Cloud, .Net, AR/VR, IoT, Agile, Android, Machine Learning, Architecture, AI, Test, Security, DevOps, Java, JavaScript, Tools, iOS, and much more.

This diversity is making Øredev one of the most inspiring and interesting conference to attend

Today's projects are complex and often composed of a blend of different persons with different skills and perspectives with the same goal: Delivering successful projects.

You need to hear and learn from each other to innovate, to create, go forward. Our industry is changing at a very fast pace and you have to learn if you want to keep hanging on with progress.

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Today Sharing Knowledge is not an option, it’s a must and it is what we offer you to do during Øredev, in a friendly atmosphere.

We promise you sessions about the technology you use today, with knowledge you can apply when you go back straight to work. And you will learn about what you will work with tomorrow.

Join us and enjoy the friendly atmosphere on the exhibition floor, meet with our partners and prolongue the discussions around free refreshments in the evenings.

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Øredev 2018, Deus Ex Machina

Every year, we change the theme of the conference. It forces us to rethink the conference from scratch, from the design of the website, to the topics we choose to cover, finding new speakers and helping us looking at what we are doing from an other perspective. Here is this year's theme:

Deus Ex Machina

Today, digital products and companies are not just changing the way we live our lives, but also playing an increasingly influential role in public policy and governance. We have reached a point where consumer goods produced by technology industries are beginning to reshape what it means to be Human.

This year, we are going to explore advances in biohacking and transhumanism and their implications for humankind. Will they be to our benefit, further enhancing quality of life? How mindful should we be of the potential social and ethical pitfalls whilst we transform?

We hope this theme will inspire you and our speakers!