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: @Aptitud_Sthlm Great to have Aptitude on board as partners for Øredev 2013 - welcome!

: Thank you @testertested, wanna join?

: RT @jakobwolman: Just wanted to point out that Randal Munroe, creator of #xkcd is delivering a keynote at #oredev. Have you secured a ticke…

: RT @CeciliaBorg: I'll be talking at the Öredev conference in Nov, great way to start working after my maternity leave!

: RT @aalmiray: humbled and honored to be part of the #oredev family once more

a Øredev 2009 was a blast!


We have started posting the videos here!


Almost 900 delegates came to share their ideas, their experience, and their knowledge.  We hope you enjoyed yourselves because we thoroughly enjoyed bringing you Øredev ‘09.  We received many compliments during the conference but don't take our word for it - check out the comments on twitter and on these blogs.  Also see the pictures friends put up on flickr and the musings of the roving reporters on our website.


Some highlights from the conference:


The Closing Panel Debate which was a selection of top geeks at the top of their game, with James Bach, Ola Bini, Staurt Halloway, Ayende Rahien, Chris Hughes and Scott Hanselman - We broadcasted the panel debate live through



In keeping with the Øredev spirit there where lot of meetings and creative development activities taking place, such as;


  • Creation of a Clojure BDD Framework - Created by Dan North, Stuart Halloway, Ola Bini, Neal Ford, Gojko Adzic and Tyler Jennings. It started as one of our "Birds of a Feather" talks on Wednesday evening and was ultimately presented to the conference on Thursday morning. Read more
  • Julie Lerman and Ayende Rahien created an Entity Framework Profiler, also during an Øredev evening activity. Read about it here
  • "The Malmö Experiment" was something that came out of a discussion between Johannes Brodwall and Lasse Koskela. The Malmö Experiment is all about estimation techniques - read more about it in this blog


... and there were many more.


Here are some pictures from Øredev 2009:







Welcome back in 2010!

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On the 2009 website, you can look at the program and watch the videos of the past 2009 Conference.

On the 2010 website you can submit your sessions to our call for papers, read about the partner opportunities for 2010 and find a link to the videos from 2009.

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