Hands-on with Kubernetes - from basic to advanced features

Key takeaways
  • Deploying & managing microservices with container & orchestration
  • Rolling update services w/o downtime
  • Configuring microservices applications
  • Provisioning volumes for stateful container workloads

Today's technology is moving fast towards using containers and managing a fleet of containers. This session will give hands-on experience with creating containers using Docker and deploy a fleet of containerized Java microservices into Kuberenetes. You'll get to: - Build a Java microservice - Build Docker container - Deploy the container into a private container registry - Deploy a fleet of containerized microservices - Learn service discovery - Perform rolling update, canary, and roll backs

In addition, we will also explore advanced features such as: - Secret - securely give your application the credentials and configurations - Daemon set - run the same workload across all of the cluster nodes - PetSet - running stateful applications such as Cassandra or Zookeeper - Persistent volume / claims - store persistent data using volume mounts in the pods - Health checks - check to see if your application is alive and ready to serve traffic - Autoscaling - automatic horizontal pod scaling using CPU utilization metric

The lab can be self-paced - pick your own adventure depending on how familiar you are w/ Kubernetes.

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