Hands On Implementation of an Adv. Architecture for iOS

Key takeaways
  • Understand the architectural design patterns MVC
  • Understand the key components of the Clean Architecture and how they can be implemented in a mobile app
  • Write a full user story from scratch using an advanced architecture
  • Best practices when writing the code

During the workshop we will implement together one user story from scratch for a new iOS and/or Android application. Distribution of the contents and scope may vary slightly, in order to maximize the understanding of the bases.

- Architectural design patterns: MVX concepts

- Clean Architecture Concepts: Brief introduction in order to understand the pieces of the architecture and their implementation in iOS/Android.

- Implementation of the Interactor: Implement the first user story: show a list of data elements to the user. Define the first version of the immutable entities and transform them into immutable structures with the data to display.

- Implementation of the Presenter/event handler: Creation of the presenter that will talk to the view and present the data.

- Implementation of the View: How to make a dumb, but still useful view.

- A basic implementation of the entity gateway: Defer the decision of the persistence framework for later. Implement the minimum functionality in a basic object. Implications of the repository pattern.

- Connect the pieces and make it all work: Understand the way the pieces are interconnected and its memory management implications. Implement the required object, modify the App delegate and make it work with the storyboard.

- Proper connections. Writing a reusable way to connect the pieces and navigate.

- Review, Questions & Answers

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