Embracing A.I. and M.L in Testing

Key takeaways
  • How life is set to change for those working as a QA / Tester with A.I.
  • How Machine Learning powers Testing in ways that was hard to achieve so far
  • How the roles will change for those working as QA / Tester
  • What skills should one start focusing on to stay relevant

Let's take a short snorkelling dive into the testing world that is changing with A.I. and Machine Learning. In this session - Pradeep shall show specific examples of what testers were doing and how A.I. is taking over some parts of it and then how Machine Learning is helping to become more influential.

It looks like a dangerous world if people don't know how to embrace it and hence Pradeep - having been there done that has pointers on how teams can start adapting and re-skilling themselves. Also - he would love to help you build your own A.I and Machine Learning Solutions in the testing space.


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