Convince your boss

Here are some useful arguments you can use, if your manager does not realize the benefits you will get at Øredev.

In today’s world where knowledge is power, it should come as no surprise that the most valuable asset for any business is the knowledge of its employees. And within our current knowledge-based economy, competent and confident employees are the foundation for a successful business.

    * We bring the greatest minds in the industry to you in one place - you don´t have to travel!
    * An opportunity to meet and discuss issues from your daily work with experts with long-term knowledge
    * Learn more about the next generation of tools and methods within your line of work
    * Take a crash-course at Øredev - Learn a new technology from its founders through our Workshops
    * Meet colleagues and exchange experiences; Øredev is a great place to mingle and make new contacts
    * Get inspired at Øredev, which will improve your work
    * Broaden your knowledge; Øredev covers the whole software development cycle

Back at your workplace, you can use the videos to explain the main learning point to your colleagues. And let your boss know what's in it for your customers or next customers!

Our best tip: put it in writing!

Take the time to analyze Øredev on paper, give it to your Boss, then follow up with a verbal request, your Boss will know you are serious.
Sure it takes time. But if you're routinely turned down for conference attendance, you're hurting your personal development in addition to missing opportunities to improve your company's operations.

Here is a model of letter you could be inspired by:

Dear *Approving Manager*,

I am writing to request your approval to attend the Øredev Conference, taking place November 6-10, 2017 in Malmö. This valuable event offers a comprehensive educational program, including sessions on topics directly related to our current or future business.

By attending this event I expect to learn how to *implement the latest trends* and *emerging technologies*.

More than 1300 developers managers, and executives from around the world will attend this event. Several activities are scheduled where I will be able to network with these attendees to learn what other leading companies are doing.

I will also participate in the following sessions:

Session Title __________________________________________
Session Title __________________________________________
Session Title __________________________________________
Session Title __________________________________________
Session Title __________________________________________
Session Title __________________________________________
Session Title __________________________________________
Session Title __________________________________________

The conference fee is 15 900 SEK - It includes breakfast and lunch each day and dinner two evenings, as well as networking activities and special events, and exhibit hall entry.

I plan to return with valuable recommendations and best practices for improving our *project*, *team*. I would appreciate your approval as soon as possible in order to maximize both conference and travel discounts.



Good luck!