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Session: C#'s Greatest Mistakes

Friday, 11:20 - 12:10
Track: .Net

C# is a lovely language in many ways... but it's not perfect. Mistakes made early in a language or platform's development are often impossible to fix afterwards, so this talk isn't a set of suggestions for the C# team. Instead it's a reflection on what we might do if we had a time machine. Which features which seemed like a good idea at the time have actually caused the development community hours of frustration? Which choices have caused confusion? What could we do differently next time?


Knowledge of C# 1 and 2; we may touch on C# 3 and 4, but familiarity with them is not essential. Understanding of System.Object's capabilities


Areas of the language to avoidHow initial project goals can turn into "own goals" The difficulties of balancing a "clean" new language with familiarity of its predecessors

Jon Skeet

Jon is a software engineer working in the Mobile team at Google's London office. While his day job primarily involves Java code, Jon is a huge C# enthusiast. His book on the language, “C# in Depth” is now in its second edition. He is probably best known for his contributions to Stack Overflow, the developer Q&A web site – although before Stack Overflow he was a prolific newsgroup poster.

Jon has an honours degree in mathematics and a diploma in computer science, both from Cambridge.


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